Monday, September 12, 2005


I like Maurits Escher's art. It's hypnotizing, addictive. Here are my own Escheresques:
It was my entry for T-shirt logo contest by a year ago. Whatever the logo they may have now instead, the price tag for this one is US$5,000, or some $10K worth of good hardware of my choice.

Otherwise, here's my proposal of a better logo for, mere $5K buy the concept:

I'm working on the draft of Googler logo on the same principle: a carefully morphed Catull's carved capital blue 'G' in the eye, instead of '$' above. Talking about $, naturally, the price will be higher: who's the Pricewatch and who's the Google?

After spending a year in cleaning PNG glyphs in fonts for Links-hacked Web browser, I have produced a special "Links" glyph, but this one is GPLed and goes practically for free. Get it from the 'Damn Small Linux' distribution, or Links-hacked site if you are interested.

But the CEO of one flourishing antique business owes me Sigma SD10 camera with two good lenses, a C Band satellite dish complete with 4dtv and HDTV boxen, and a good Wacom pro artist's digitizer tablet for another Escheresque monogrammatic logo.


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